Bacon and Honey Brussel Sprouts

Ingredients: -1 pack fresh Brussel sprouts

-1 T extra virgin olive oil

-2 slices bacon (uncooked)

-¼ cup honey

-1.5 T apple cider vinegar

-1 tsp ghee or real butter

-1 T orange juice


-3 T parmesan cheese  

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Quarter brussel sprouts On a foil lined baking sheet toss Brussel sprouts (cut in ¼), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, and pepper.  Turn all cut sides of the Brussel sprouts face down. Cut bacon into pieces and sprinkle on top of Brussel sprouts. Bake 25 minutes until sprouts are tender and bacon is crispy. In a sauce pan combine honey.  Apple cider vinegar, ghee, pinch of salt,  and orange juice.  Cook on medium low heat for 2 minutes.  Pour liquid topping over pan of cooked Brussel sprouts.  Serve sprinkled with parmesan cheese on top.