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Each new to CrossFit athlete will attend foundation classes. Foundations is a series of classes to learn or review the basic movements that are performed in the typical CrossFit class. Form and proper technique are carefully taught. The typical CrossFit Foundations class will consist  learning, practicing, and reviewing the movements of the day.  Performing a series of mini- workouts, and a cool down. Foundation classes are mandatory for those that are new to CrossFit. Once the athlete is released  or graduates from foundations they will be eligible to attend the regular CrossFIt Undone class schedule. 


No Sweat Intro

We Get it! Just the words CrossFit, workout and exercise can be intimidating! Throw that in with doing all of those things in a group setting, it's hard to just to walk through the door. You are not alone. This is a very natural response that we deal with all the time. 

This is why we love the No Sweat Intro. Schedule a time by clicking the button below that works best for you. During the No Sweat Intro we will:

  • Take a quick tour of the gym
  • Possibly observe a class working out
  • Sit down and discuss your goals
  • Come up with a plan to meet those goals through nutrition, personal training, group classes or a combination of each

We have packages and pricing that are budget friendly. 

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