With personalized nutrition & wellness coaching

Have you spent time and money on pills & powders that don’t work?

Do you continue to feel frustrated with your nutrition?

Or even worse, does your family have a history of preventable diseases

•You will begin to develop healthy habits and routines
• You will learn how to measure your food and meal prep
• You will learn about portion sizes
• You will learn how to track your food and use My Fitness Pal
• You will learn the importance of consistency
• You will learn that eating out is easier than before you started
• You will learn food composition-Protein, Carbs and Fat
• You will work through the frustration of food logging & measuring
• If you listen to your coach and follow our program you will see success

*After Phase 1 you will be ready to graduate to our On Going accountability program.

Why Us

We have partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition to offer the best nutrition coaching and program there is. Our nutrition coach is trained and ready to meet with you, find a plan and help you each step of the way. We make it super simple and super easy by building super effective habits for you to follow. Don't take our word for it. See the results by clicking below! These results are all from CrossFit Undone. HSN has helped many of thousands get lasting results! 

Ongoing Coaching

How It Works

Stop wasting time on fad diets! Your CrossFit Undone Nutrition Coach will help you sort through all the mixed information out there!

Are you struggling to find the “right” nutrition plan for you?

• Sign up via the “Book A Free Intro” button. You are officially on your way to Phase I of a a 12 week program.
• Your will meet your coach for the initial consult
• During your initial check in you will learn a ton, identify habits and set some goals
• Over the course of the next 12 weeks, You & your coach will set accountability check-ins based upon the program you signed up for.
• You will have continuous contact with your coach through our R.D.’s exclusive app, and you will gain access to a private network of individuals going through the same programs as you! Share tips, recipes and more!

Do you jump from diet to diet?

Do you have trouble keeping the weight off that you worked so hard to lose?

Are you looking for in person support and accountability in your nutrition program?


• Proven record of success

Our nutrition coaches have helped others and they can help you, using a habit based system that is designed for not only results but results that can last a lifetime! 
• This program will help hold you accountable & educate you

What to Expect

You choose 1X per month, 2x per month & 4x per month accountability checks with your coach
• Monthly biometric testing, continued goal setting
• Goal tracking & follow up
• In App support throughout the month
• Private network support throughout the month

*Ongoing coaching clients must have completed our Phase I – 12 week program or one of our wellness & nutrition challenges.