​​​One on one CrossFit Training.

Is it for you? 

Personal Training Rates 
1 Hour -       $60.00 
30 minute   $35.00 
Nutrition-   $60.00 per month add on to any PT package 

The two most common things we hear when we ask someone "Why don't you start CrossFit?" is: 

1.  " I don't think I am ready to workout out with other people" 

2. " I need to get a little more in shape before I start" 

Our answer to first statements is:

The group class is fun, supportive and no one watches you! Everyone is just trying to get through the workout themselves.  

Our response to the second statement is: 

You can join CrossFIt Undone just as you are. Let us get you in better shape! 

But, if you are someone that would rather start out with personal training, we can help with that too! Contact us to get started!  

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CrossFit Undone